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Talking about Coaching & Psychedelics

Yannick Jacob & Julia Bamberg

Does what it says on the tin: We're talking with leading practitioners about the meeting points between coaching and psychedelics, how they can work together to help clients achieve growth, insight, learning and personal or professional development. We've recognized that beyond the power of psychedelics to be used for healing, fixing and the treatment of disorder, disease and suffering, there is a space for coaching, but nobody is talking about it, which we believe to be at best unproductive, and at worst dangerous for clients. That's why in this podcast we explore best practice, introduce integration methodologies, discuss ethical issues, and generally share resources, knowledge and experiences, as well as raising questions, concerns and awareness. Our mission is to take important conversations into the public domain so that established coaches can maintain or expand professional standards, new coaches curious about this work have access to important questions and information, and clients who may be seeing a coach to assist their psychedelic journey learn what coaching in this field might entail. We work to help keep clients safe and inspire coaches to deliver the best work they can in this powerful but very much emerging new field.