Talking about Coaching & Psychedelics

#6 Joe Moore - Co-founder and CEO of Psychedelics Today, Coach & Educator

November 15, 2021 Yannick Jacob & Heather Gosliner Season 1 Episode 6
Talking about Coaching & Psychedelics
#6 Joe Moore - Co-founder and CEO of Psychedelics Today, Coach & Educator
Show Notes

In this episode we’re talking to Joe Moore, Co-founder and CEO of Psychedelics Today about coaching & psychedelics. 

Joe grew up in New Hampshire (United States) and did his undergraduate in Philosophy. In his second year he learned about Stanislav Grof´s Holotropic breathwork and started working with this style of breathwork. Through this work he got more and more in contact with others interested in psychedelics and since then he never left this field again.

Today he is the CEO of Podcast & Blog on Psychedelics named Psychedelics Today, educates doctors and therapists about (psychedelic) drugs. He also offers courses for coaches on psychedelic preparation and integration. 

In this episode we talk with Joe about his work, what is offered by Psychedelics Today, about his view on different coaching approaches and what coaches in the field of psychedelics should know. But we also talk about the legal and research situation of psychedelics and when to send someone to a therapist vs. a coach. He shares with us a lot of insights regarding his own philosophy and which books to be read when starting with psychedelics. 


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